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How to use LinkedIn as a Client Servicing tool.

We all know LinkedIn has great potential to grow new business leads. But have you ever considered using LinkedIn as a client servicing tool?

LinkedIn doesn’t need to be a channel resigned solely for you as a founder, business development director or agency marketing manager.

Your agency’s clients are all likely grappling with building their own personal brands on LinkedIn, there is therefore an opportunity for account management teams to utilise the platform to support their client servicing.

Encourage your account management teams to embrace LinkedIn with the following practical tips.

1. Know what your clients are up to.

Any good account manager will tell you they make it their business to know what’s going on in their clients’ lives. Use LinkedIn to stay up to date with each client contact.

Make a point to not only connect with your clients on LinkedIn but ring their bell too. This will notify you when they post so you can be ready to be their biggest cheerleader.

2. Engage with your clients’ content

The more you engage with your clients or prospects on LinkedIn the more of their content you will see. According to Just Connecting’s 2022 LinkedIn Algorithm Report, the likelihood of being served one of your connection’s next posts following an engagement:

  • Likes: +30% increase

  • Commenting: +70% increase

  • Sharing: +80% increase

  • DM: +85% increase

There is also the added benefit that your client will begin to see you as their number one fan, plus your comments will be seen by many of your client’s connections.

3. Deliver continuous extra value to your clients

Make sure your clients always feel like they’re top of mind. Curate your own LinkedIn feed by following people and hashtags that will be of interest to your clients. When you see content that is relevant to them, make sure you share or tag them in the comments.

Give context as to why you think the post will be of interest to them. This will give your clients an opportunity to respond to the original poster and build their own network and personal brand in the process.

Don’t forget to share your agency’s LinkedIn content with your clients too.

4. Endorse and recommend

Once you have worked together for a while, endorse and recommend your clients on LinkedIn. You could even ask them to reciprocate the favour! It will tie you to their account and boost their ego in the process!

In our previous blogs, we explored this and how the findings from Just Connecting's 4th Annual LinkedIn Alogortith Report will affect agency founders and their brands.

You can read them here:

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