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The LinkedIn Algorithm Report for Agency Brands

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

In part one of our three-part series contextualising Just Connecting's 4th annual LinkedIn Algorithm report for agencies, we looked at how agency founders and leaders can capitalise on their personal brand.

Here, in part two, we review how you can prioritise your agency's brand activity on your LinkedIn company page.

Your agency brand. Move beyond your agency being all about you.

As a founder, you can’t be the only source of leads for your agency, therefore you need to establish an agency brand to attract talent and new clients. In 2022 organic company posts now makeup just 3% of our LinkedIn feed, down from 6% in 2020.

Unlike personal pages, company pages can post multiple times a day without harming the performance of your content. That said 4-5 times a week is optimal. Publishing less than twice a week leads to 50% less growth.

The best days for engagement on your company posts are Tuesdays, Thursdays and perhaps surprisingly, Saturdays. Posting on Monday and Friday reduced reach by 25% and a whopping 70% on Sunday.

Organic vs Paid

Beware organic reach dropped for the third year in a row on company posts, a sign that LinkedIn is pushing for companies to ‘pay to play’. When a company page runs paid ads there is an increase of 15-20% in reach and engagement on organic content too. That said company page engagement rates are 15% higher compared to 2021.

Employee engagement

Larger agencies should use the ‘recommend to employees’ function to notify 80% of your employees who are connected to your company page about new content. This can then boost your reach and engagement. Employee engagement will provide increased reach and engagement but at 30% less than when someone from outside your agency comments, likes or shares.

Company page comments

When a company comments on a LinkedIn post it can bring 3x more reach than from an individual profile. Ask for comments in your posts, they are 12x stronger than a share and 8x stronger than a like.

It is important for your company page to comment too. Two comments a day will increase the reach of your own posts by 8%, and five a day will increase it by 15%.

What to post on your company page

Here is a ranked list of the most successful content that agency company pages can post based on combined reach and engagement:

  1. Personal stories from your people or clients

  2. Employer branding content such as job opportunities and agency culture

  3. Thought leadership such as whitepapers, research, in-depth articles and downloadable content

  4. Social Responsibility – tell your sustainability or ED&I story, and highlight how this supports your agency’s values

  5. Industry-related content that you curate from trade press, sector niche and the wider network

  6. Events – market both on and offline events here plus showcase the events your team attends too

  7. Service-related content - this could be case studies or detail of how you create your client work

Your agency is more than just about prospecting and growth at all costs. While the focus of these previous two posts was on agency leader and company page activity, LinkedIn can be used as a tool across your team to better service your clients. Find out more in part three of our summary of Just Connecting's 4th annual LinkedIn Algorithm Report.

If you want more tips on how to grow your organic reach and engagement on LinkedIn, we recommend you follow Richard Van de Blom from Just Connecting for a wealth of ongoing data-backed insight.


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