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The Agency Marketing Report

We've assessed the marketing of over 100 agencies and now you can discover the findings. 

  • 65% of full service agencies are not practicing what they preach

  • 74% of agencies have a very unclear proposition

  • 73% do not clearly explain the challenges they solve

  • 44% produce content without a clear audience in mind

  • 33% of agency websites have no clear call-to-action

Do you practice what you preach? 

Asset 189300.png

"Chime’s agency marketing benchmark
report will become the go-to marketing
research for the industry, and I for one will be using it to benchmark our own efforts as we look to improve year on year."

Kelly Molson

Founder, RubberCheese

Asset 192300.png

"We know agencies suffer from cobblers shoes syndrome - and now we have the proof. This report outlines where improvements need to be made and highlights it by agency focus and size. Agencies focus too much on client delivery and their own marketing takes second place. Read this report - it may be the wake up call you need." 

Chris Bantock

Founder, Agency Local

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