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All about Chime Agency

Find your agency’s voice and be heard.

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Your agency deserves the same strategic direction and marketing know-how you provide your own clients.

But as an ambitious agency leader, it’s almost impossible to dedicate time to your own marketing. And with over 25k agencies in the UK, competition to differentiate and be heard is fierce


Through an orchestrated blend of strategic counsel, fractional marketing support and hands-on execution, our content-led approach to marketing fuels meaningful conversations with your prospects, clients and talent.

Chime Agency helps the UK's best independent agencies and consultancies find their voice and shout it from the rooftops. We are the marketing agency for agencies.

It’s time to turn up your volume.

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The Team

Chime Agency is a core team of four accompanied by an army of associates and specialists, ready to make your marketing sing.

About: Team
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Claire Hutchings
Founder & MD

With 15 years’ experience in marketing functions at boutique independents and global networked giants, Claire founded Chime to champion agency brands.

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Awards & Associations
About: Clients
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