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Why hire a fractional CMO for your agency?

As an independent agency owner or managing director, it can be hard to effectively manage your own marketing alongside billable client work. Even if you have in-house marketing support, it may be at a junior level, which means your marketing strategy will still fall to your over-stretched management team – who may not have the required skill set.

If you find yourself in this position, have you ever considered a fractional marketing director?

Using a fractional marketing director can provide a cost effective way of accessing expert talent without the commitment of a permanent senior hire.

Here are some of the benefit of fractional marketing support for your agency:

Outsourced CMO

Sometimes, your agency may need guidance from a senior marketer to give you the confidence to make the right strategic decisions for your business. A fractional CMO will align your marketing strategy with your business goals and create a roadmap for success. They will be used to working with leadership teams, Non-Exec Directors and other senior functions within your agency so can ensure marketing has a place at the top table too.

Don’t break the budget

One of the biggest advantages of a fractional CMO is that it allows you to access expertise that you do not have in-house at a fraction of the cost of making a senior hire. By bringing in a specialist for a specific period of time or at regular intervals, you can ensure that you have the senior expertise you need to get the job done effectively. This can be particularly helpful for smaller agencies without the budget to hire a full-time specialist.

Mentoring junior team members

You may have already hired a Marketing Exec or Marketing Manager to support your day-to-day marketing activities. This is a tough role to fill (read our blog on the topic here) so if you’ve found a superstar, it's worth investing to ensure you retain them. An outsourced Marketing Director can provide critical support, guidance and mentoring for your in-house marketer giving them a point of contact beyond your leadership team and helping them step up into a more strategic role.

Fresh Perspective

When your agency works with the same team day in and day out, it can be easy to fall into a rut and continue doing things the same way. By bringing in someone from outside the agency, with different experiences and viewpoints from across the agency sector, you can inject new ideas and strategies into your marketing approach. This can help to keep your activities fresh and effective and avoid becoming stale and irrelevant.


Marketing has never been more fast-paced so it’s important to feel like you’re working with the latest channels and tactics to keep up. Working with a fractional marketing director can provide you with the opportunity to future-proof your activities. You can work with experts in emerging technologies and trends to ensure that you are well-positioned to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. This can help to future-proof your agency's business and ensure that you remain competitive.

By providing fractional CMO support, Chime Agency unlocks years of industry knowledge for agencies and provides mentoring for junior marketers. Take advantage of our outsourced marketing directors so your agency can gain access to the expertise and guidance you need to thrive and reach your business goals. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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