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We are an Agency Local partner

Chime Agency is excited to join Agency Local as a partner. Agency Local is a community and business support network for agency owners with the ultimate goal of helping them grow and thrive.

They offer support to agency founders with a three-fold model:

  • A business learning community (Slack) to support and connect agency founders.

  • Focused business support from Agency Guides and Guide led founder support groups.

  • Discounted access to the best professional partners to support with marketing, accounting, legal and HR matters.

We’re happy to be joining Agency Local’s specialised group of partners, bringing knowledge and experience that helps other agencies succeed, at any point in their journey.

Having grown our own agency and supported dozens of clients in the last year, we understand first-hand the challenges involved in growing an agency. We’re keen to start working with the members and collaborating with other partners to provide much needed expert support for agencies to help them thrive in the competitive environment.

“Agency Local is a fantastic support network for established agency founders and freelancers alike. As a member I got a lot out of the community, connections and content provided by Agency Local so I am so pleased we are now able to give something back as an official Agency Local partner.” – Claire Hutchings, Founder, Chime Agency

Chime Agency will be actively involved in the community, sharing our knowledge and expertise. We look forward to running workshops and webinars and creating exclusive content for Agency Local members.

“Agency marketing is notoriously difficult for founders so it is great to have Chime Agency on board as a partner to help our Agency Local members navigate this.” - Chris Bantock, Founder, Agency Local

Agency Local is a great source of inspiration and support, especially for agencies below £1 million turnover. You can learn more about them here.

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