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The Agency Accelerator Podcast: Harnessing the power of marketing for agency growth

Claire Hutchings, founder of Chime Agency spoke to Chris Simmance from The OMG Center about her journey to building Chime, the pervasive problem of agencies not investing sufficiently in their own marketing and what she believes makes the biggest difference for agencies wanting to scale. The twenty minute conversation was jam-packed with information. The OMG Center offers everything a digital agency needs to accelerate its growth from coaching, consultancy, training, peer support and content. Founder, Chris Simmance who interviews Claire in the latest podcast episode set up The OMG Center after scaling and selling his own agency. He now supports other digital agencies on their quest for growth.

You can listen to the full podcast here now or read our summary below.

Claire starts off by sharing how the gap in the market when it comes to marketing services for agencies led her to start an agency specifically for other agencies. She expands on Chime Agency’s offer to craft agency marketing strategies giving direction and articulating their identity, to executing marketing campaigns and big thought leadership platforms to become known for.

The discussion also covered Chime Agency’s own research piece - The Agency Marketing Report, which allows Chime Agency to benchmark an agency’s marketing performance against 100+ peers while providing best practice tips on how to improve and stand out.

The conversation touched on the mindset shift needed among agencies to help them create a real commitment to their marketing, highlighting how agencies often need to understand marketing isn’t always a quick win but a long-term commitment to building brand equity. Claire points out that this mindset shift often takes place once an agency scales to around 15-30 people and wants to start gaining work without relying solely on referrals, making them more open to investing in marketing.

Claire’s key takeaway is the importance of a strong positioning, which our research showed to be foundational to better quality marketing overall.

If you’re an agency leader wanting to know more about how marketing can help you scale your agency, enter new markets or launch a new service, let’s chat!

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