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Racontuer International Women's Day Panel

This International Women's Day, Chime Agency founder Claire Hutchings joined Raconteur's panel of inspirational female leaders to discuss the issues facing women in business today. You can read the full article from the panel discussion over on Raconteur, now.

Image credit from the original article on Raconteur. Panellists L-R: Jennie Child, Claire Hutchings, Rebecca Price, Jasmin Thomas and Debbie Tembo

In the article, Claire talks about how Chime Agency are committed to supporting women in agencies and is planning now how to grow a more diverse business. She says, “I’m really conscious that I don’t want to just recruit people that look and sound like me because that’s not good for. Things change really quickly and you have to recruit really quickly. The quickest way to recruit is to go out to your network. And your network might look and sound like you. So you have to be intentional about it and you have to do something different. So that’s our next hire… We have to do something different.”

The panel which featured Jennie Child, Jasmine Thomas, Rebbeca Price and Debbie Tembo also discussed their thoughts on this year's International Women's Day theme, 'Embracing Equity'. Discover what they had to say about the controversial creative featuring women hugging themselves here.

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