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Practicing what we preach

We spend much of our time at Chime Agency helping other marketing, design and digital agencies to practice what they preach. Web agencies need to showcase their design and build skills on their own site. Event agencies must build face to face relationships if ‘in real life’ is part of their DNA.

Our agency clients understand the value of marketing, it’s what they sell in some way or another after all. But your own medicine is often the hardest pill to swallow.

Now it’s time for Chime Agency to do the same.

In December we ran a half day strategy session where the team all fed into plans for 2023 and beyond (see some photos from our workshop below).

We’ve made ‘practice what you preach’ one of our agency’s values. As part of our strategy workshop we set four strategic imperatives for Chime Agency throughout the year and the first quarter’s focus is to enable our marketing machine.

We’ve had grand plans and a piecemeal approach since we launched the Chime Agency brand in October. But

we have now set wheels in motion to launch our own big research and benchmarking project by the end of Q1. Plus, we will run our first webinar in Feb with three incredible no-code agencies. More to come on both of these exciting marketing developments soon!

Until then, this article serves the purpose of holding us accountable to build on our own marketing strategy and practice what we preach. It will hopefully show that all agencies, no matter their size or services, can in fact invest in themselves and become their own best case studies.

Find out more about the marketing services Chime Agency provides agencies and consultancies, here.

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