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Exploring the Agency Marketing Research: Upcoming Podcasts and Webinars

Our 'Practice what you Preach’ agency marketing report, launched in March, provides insights for agencies looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Chime Agency founder, Claire Hutchings is speaking on multiple podcasts and webinars about the impact our research can have on agencies. She dives deeper into the insights and discusses what agencies can do to elevate their marketing efforts, including:

  • How to benchmark their own marketing efforts

  • Understanding where and how to focus their efforts

  • Why agencies must practice what they preach

Here is a round-up of where you can hear Claire chatting in the coming weeks:

Agency Works’ The A Game podcast:

Agency Works’ aim is to help agencies elevate their performance and achieve more.

Their podcast, The A Game, dives into monthly topics with experts in agency commercial, operations and finance space.

Claire will feature in their ‘Practice what you preach’ episode. The podcast recording will take place on the 19th May 2023 at 9:30-10:00 am.

The Growth Code with Sian Lenegran:

Sian designed The Growth Code to help agency owners grow their agencies with purpose with ease. The accompanying Growth Code podcast offers business advice, insights, discussions and more to help business owners crack The Growth Code®.

Sian’s episode with Claire will be live on the 21st May 2023. You will be able to listen to the episode then, so make sure you follow Chime on LinkedIn to not miss it.

Pimento Business Development Club:

Pimento joins together over 100 different marketing disciplines from their community of independent agencies, specialists, and consultants.

Claire will feature in their episode "Is Your Own Agency Marketing Working?" on the 7th June 2023 at 11am.

If you’re interested in how the insights from the Agency Benchmarking Report can help your agency, download it now, or schedule a chat with the Chime Agency team.


Download our Practice What You Preach report

Agency marketing is hard. Our research with over 100 UK agencies proves it. Download the report to learn how to become your own best case study.

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