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Bridging the Transatlantic Divide

Innovating Agency Marketing from the US to the UK

Digital marketing is a tricky field, and agencies in both the US and the UK are trying to figure out the best ways to stand out, meet what their clients want, and stay ahead of the competition. Our 2024 Benchmark Report shows some big differences in how agencies in the US and UK do their marketing, revealing where each can improve and find new chances to grow. We'll take a closer look at why these differences exist, what they mean for agencies in both places and how they can use this information to confidently move forward.

Exploring the Differences in Marketing

The report tells us that US and UK agencies don't approach marketing similarly. US agencies offer various services to match their large and diverse market. On the other hand, UK agencies tend to focus more on specific areas because their market is smaller and the rules are stricter. This focus helps UK agencies do a better job using their marketing strategies, with 70% doing better than the average compared to 45% of US agencies that find it hard to follow through with their marketing plans.

Why These Differences Happen

  • Market Size: The US has more agencies offering various services, while the UK market encourages agencies to specialize to stand out.

  • Business Culture: UK agencies might specialise to be different in a generally more traditional market. In contrast, US agencies aim to serve as much of the market as possible.

  • Rules and Regulations: The UK's strict rules might push agencies to focus more on specific areas than the US.

Opportunities for UK Agencies

UK agencies' knack for specialising gives them an edge, especially for US clients looking for specific skills. The report found that UK agencies are good at showing off their unique skills and using them to attract the right clients. For example, 35% of UK agencies use their specialised services to pull in clients interested in those specific areas, which could help them make a mark in the US market or grow globally.

How US Agencies Can Grow

Despite the differences, there's a lot of room for US agencies to improve their marketing. The varied US market is ideal for trying out new marketing ideas and technologies. The report suggests US agencies could benefit from focusing more on specific areas, which might help them become leaders in new or less crowded sectors. Also, if they got more disciplined about using marketing strategies, like their UK peers, they could strengthen their position in the market. Right now, only 26% of US agencies are really making the most of content marketing, showing a big opportunity for improvement and leadership.

Looking Ahead for Agency Growth

UK agencies should use their expertise in certain areas to venture into new markets, including the challenging but potentially rewarding US market. US agencies should think about narrowing their focus to gain an advantage. This new approach, along with a stronger dedication to their marketing, could lead to significant growth and innovation.

By taking these steps, agencies can overcome the differences between the US and the UK, using their strengths to open up new opportunities and secure their spot in the worldwide market. Moving forward is about recognising and using these differences to drive innovation, teamwork, and growth.

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